The Spirit of Aloha

Live Aloha. Don’t look back. Jump on. Let’s ride!

Born in a U.S. surf bar as a gift to the après-sea crowd, our unique home-made sundowner soon became a ritual that brought everyone together. A drink so different, bold and unforgettable we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Say “Aloha” to Aloha 65. Here to celebrate the doers, the dreamers and those constantly looking for great times.

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“I’ve just tried it and it is absolutely stunning; like nothing I’ve ever had before! Its amazing to taste the sweetness coming through the initial ginger taste and chilli warmth. I’ll be ordering more for use!!” Darren

“This is what I got, it’s so lovely!!” Sarah Gaskell

“Had your sauce on my lunch today, we are addicted to it in our house!” Carrie Stroud

“So good! It’s been the drink of my holidays” Donna

“Got a bottle for Xmas. Had the Aloha and Tonic. Oh my, bloody gorgeous!” Michelle Lewin

“Happy new year! Just want to say thank you, really loving my first bottle of aloha. So versatile with cocktail making, seems to work in absolutely everything. Well impressed ☺ “ Murray “Muzza” Luckhurst.

“I loved it, reminded me of that Moose Spirit I like but more summery!” Rosie and Gin

“I love this drink!” Clemarlo blue

“Very summery!” Kavey

“It tastes great! I’ve really got into my home cocktails lately and this is a lovely addition to my drinks collection”. “It was rather delicious” The Rare Welsh Bit

“Love it when @starbeam4 sees “something new” on Facebook and orders it to try. This is @aloha65 a pineapple, chilli, lemon and ginger spirit with ginger ale, quite delicious!” Nicole Adam

“Sipping on Aloha for breakfast is the best way to start Christmas day” Jillanne David

“very impressed! Lovely flavour to it!” Beardo BBQ Beers

“I’ve been loving Aloha!” Jupiter Hadley

This has blown our minds, easily one of our favourite drinks now but omfg those pineapples…so impressed Greedy Italians

“Tried these [detonators] at the weekend on a pizza. Soooooo good!! Nearly blew my head off!” Paula

“Such a distinctive, delicious spirit” Trish

“Love this! It’s lush xx” Jean

“We love Aloha!! Gorgeous drink” Gin_is_just_the_tonic

Drink outside the box

To Live Aloha’ is to value nature. Infused with fresh pineapple, lemon, ginger, scotch bonnet chillies and carefully selected herbs and spices, our spirit contains nothing artificial. That’s no mean feat. Which is why it took 65 goes to get the balance just right. That’s why our sequence of infusions happen over a whole month. And it’s why every time you pour Aloha, you have to give the bottle a shake. Our unique product is relatively low in alcohol at 27% abv, vegan-friendly and made for sharing.  Refreshing·and warming. Complex yet smooth. Like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

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Drink outside the box

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