Spirit of Aloha 65 - Surf
Spirit of Aloha 65 - Surf
Spirit of Aloha 65 - Surf

Aloha 65

Spirit of Aloha 65 - Surf

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Surfs up! Our retro, tropical spirit in our signature summer bottle. Aloha 65 is expertly blended to create a refreshing and warming liqueur. Delicious with mixer, in cocktails, over ice or as a shot. Actually… definitely as a shot!

Aloha 65 is a an all-natural, 27% ABV tropical liqueur made from a carefully selected combination of fresh fruit, herbs and spices. We’re pretty sure, you won’t have ever tasted anything quite like it before! Pineapple on the nose, plenty of ginger, herby and spice tones from our two secret ingredients, and then the final chilli kick. Even people who say they don’t normally like pineapple or ginger enjoy Aloha 65.

Like most gin and vodka, Aloha 65 is made from alcohol made from grain, but in order to create our bottles of tropical sunshine, rather than using a distillation process, we naturally infuse the alcohol with our six carefully selected raw ingredients (or “botanicals” as smart people like to say) for up to a month!

Each of our ingredients, which include fresh pineapple, ginger and chilli, macerate slowly in a separate vessel, naturally steeping the alcohol with their distinctive flavours. After adding just a touch of agave syrup, the six separate infusions are then expertly blended together by our friends at de Kuyper, Royal Dutch Distillers, to create Spirit of Aloha 65.

27% ABV, vegan, gluten free and with no colourants added, and with less sugar than most liqueurs (just 8mg per 100mg) and less calories than an equivalent measure of standard strength gin, vodka or rum, Aloha 65 is delicious long, short or in cocktails.

Whether you’re sun-downing or sun-dancing, Spirit of Aloha 65 has got you covered. Aloha baby!

why not use your aloha 65 to Try 'the alohan'! our signature serve this summer!

The perfect summer serve. Made to party. Ideal for sharing. Ginger ale brings out the fresh ginger flavours in Aloha 65. Long. Refreshing. Social.