Pineapple Chunks "Detonators" - 190ml
Pineapple Chunks "Detonators" - 190ml

Pineapple Chunks "Detonators" - 190ml

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Spicy, pickled pineapple “Detonators”. These are hand-cut scotch-bonnet chilli-infused pineapple chunks that get hotter over time! These little firecrackers are a great, addition to a meal or as a spicy snack chased with a shot of Aloha 65.

Looking for something to literally blow your mouth off, then look no further than our spicy pickled, pineapple “Detonators”.

Guaranteed to set off a taste explosion, say “Aloha” to our hand-cut, scotch-bonnet chilli infused pineapple chunks. Each jar also contains its own scotch-bonnet chilli, so the longer you leave it in the jar the hotter the chunks get.

We might be exaggerating a bit about blowing you mouth off, but these little firecrackers are a fantastic spicy snack or topping or addition to any meal. Also great either before or after a shot of Aloha 65.

We created these little firecrackers as a delicious ending to our signature bomb, The A-Bomb (tropical red bull, shot of aloha, bombs away). However, as they have proved so popular, they are now officially our third product.

HANDLE WITH CARE. Detonators can set off: cheese, pizzas, burgers, kebabs & other common food items. Do NOT keep away from barbecues.

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