Spicy Combo
Spicy Combo

Spicy Combo

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Spirit of Aloha 65, Sun on a Beach Hot Sauce, is carefully blended in small batches in the UK using only fresh raw ingredients. No desiccated or powdered flavourings or ingredients are used and much less vinegar than many hot sauces. The result is a highly versatile and top quality sauce – not too hot but just enough for most and allowing the other ingredients in the sauce to shine through.

Like Spirit of Aloha 65, our hot sauce contains pineapple (but roasted this time), ginger, scotch bonnet chilli and three other carefully selected herbs and spices, its vegan and contains no allergens.

Spirit of Aloha 65, Detonators, we created these little firecrackers as a delicious ending to our signature bomb, The A-Bomb (tropical red bull, shot of aloha, bombs away). However, as they have proved so popular, they are now officially our third product.

The detonators are perfect combination of sweet, savoury and CHILLI, making each sip of Aloha 65 even more refreshing.

These chilli infused pineapple chunks are a taste explosion and are the perfect accompaniment to any one of our serves.

HANDLE WITH CARE. Detonators can set off: cheese, pizzas, burgers, kebabs & other common food items. Do NOT keep away from barbecues.

why not use your aloha 65 to Try 'the alohan'! our signature serve this summer!

The perfect summer serve. Made to party. Ideal for sharing. Ginger ale brings out the fresh ginger flavours in Aloha 65. Long. Refreshing. Social.