The Story

The Story

Born in London in 1965, The Idle Lord caught the surfing bug early.  Growing up (or thinking he was!) he developed a deep love for the easy-going surf culture of the ‘70s and ‘80s but, by the early ‘90s found himself not riding the great waves of his dreams, but in New York, grafting away on the Big Apple’s bar and restaurant scene.

Unsurprisingly, he quickly tired of city life and “zagged” his way to Deerfield Beach, Florida. Now, living as a surfer-barman, The Idle Lord managed a beachside bar whose neighbours included surfing icons Kelly Slater and Lisa Anderson. There, he needed to create a unique calling-card to attract the local surfing royalty once the sun went down.

The solution stared him in the face: the bountiful supply of fresh Floridian tropical fruit all around him. The Idle Lord created spirits infused with everything, from passion fruit to papaya, naming them after local rippers. Soon, Miami’s surfers were piling into the bar every night for shots of “Surfy Murphy”, “Wavey Davey” et al.

Some years later, The Idle Lord returned to Blighty. Now a surfer-barman-turned-chef, he opened his award-winning gastro-pub, “The Idle Hour” in Barnes, London, where he continued his tradition of offering his locals his delicious infusions. Always made with fresh ingredients, his killer recipe, the one they kept coming back for, was the one made with fresh ginger, fresh scotch-bonnet chillies and a secret blend of herbs wrapped in a fresh pineapple infusion. It was from these humble beginnings that Aloha ‘65 was born.


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