The Drink

The Drink

Aloha ’65 has always been a spirit infused with 100% natural fruits & ingredients. Since its humble beginnings on the beaches of Florida, doing it naturally has always been the Idle Lord’s watchword, and it’s what makes Aloha ’65 different.

This unique infusion of fresh pineapple, fresh ginger, scotch-bonnet chillies and carefully selected herbs are craftily balanced like the surfers that inspired it. In fact, so delicate is the balance and infusion of flavours, that each bottle takes a month to make.

And when you open the bottle, what do you do with it ? Well it’s at its best straight out of the fridge, as a delicious, inviting chilled shot to be enjoyed as a way of getting an evening going, or for a great night reloaded. It’s also at the heart of a delicious long drink either with ginger ale or cloudy lemonade.

Aloha ’65 is not only a drink, it’s a statement, a statement made by life’s 65’ers, the surfers who recognise that, like the waves they ride, they are only a spec in time and space. So for them, life doesn’t need to be planned, it needs to be lived.


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