We’re all about the Piste!

With their love of the great outdoors and natural balance, when Lola and Al aren’t surfing, they’re skiing…of course they are!

If you’re craving some sunshine this winter, then look no further than Spirit of Aloha 65, the Sunshine Spirit, ski label edition. Refreshing, reviving and warming, all at the same time and fantastic neat, mixed or in cocktails.


With its sweet and warming botanicals of pineapple, ginger and chilli at its heart, Spirit of Aloha 65 is the perfect autumn or winter tipple and hits the spot on a cosy evening in front of the fire served just on its own over ice, or instead of a gin and tonic as a long drink mixed with ginger ale.

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For those looking to bring the après closer to home, look no further than the A-Bomb….Tropical Red Bull or Ting, shot of Aloha 65….boom!

It’s even better when you set it off with one of our Detonators



Aloha 65 on the slopes

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