Aloha '65

Riding the waves is a thrill.

But it’s even better shared with your mates. Take that feeling to the bar afterwards and you’ve got a great time extended. That’s where Aloha comes in.

British ex-pat Stephen Thorp’s U.S. surf bar was the place to be. Vibrant, eclectic, full of character. And famous for his hand-made signature sundowners, which Stephen would make and give away as a thank you to his loyal customers. He experimented with various fruit infusions, naming them after local surfers. One in particular proved popular – a carefully balanced blend made from the tropical fruits on his doorstep – with a kick of spice. It was such a winner Stephen decided to bottle it. It took him 65 recipes to perfect, but here it is. The fruits of his shoreline get-togethers and his pursuit of perfection. So that explains the 65. But Aloha? Why?

“Aloha” isn’t just a friendly greeting.

In Hawaii it’s a way of living and looking at life. We weave it into everything we do by living each moment to the full, welcoming others into our circle and joyfully sharing life. We also strive to give back more than we take, by respecting our playground…whether it’s the oceans we surf in or the mountains we charge down. To us, Aloha is a generosity of spirit that we should all seek. That’s why we pledge to ‘Live Aloha’.